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Welcome to the BSJ Store inviting you to treat yourself and in doing so help keep Best Smooth Jazz on air. We're 'not for profit' - so all money raised, along with listener & viewer donations, goes straight back into paying for our costs including heavy bandwidth charges.

YouTube comes free but not audio streaming or Podcasts. Everything we sell goes directly back into Best Smooth Jazz. So please do think about buying from BSJ. Quick Buy at 'add to cart button' above. Leave details of sizes etc or click item graphic.

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Size Guide:

S To Fit Chest: 36-38inch
M To Fit Chest: 38-40inch
L To Fit Chest: 40-42inch
XL To Fit Chest: 42-44inch
2XL To Fit Chest: 46-48inch
3XL To Fit Chest: 50-52inch
4XL To Fit Chest: 54-56inch
5XL To Fit Chest: 58-60inch

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BSJ Beanie Hat

Beanie Hat – Limited edition black 100% acrylic - London’s Best Smooth Jazz in yellow embroidery - keeping you warm while you’re looking cool
one size fits all

BSJ Mousemat (New Design)

New Design for 2018

BSJ T-shirts

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BSJ Mousemats

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BSJ Socks

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BSJ Table Coasters

Buy a Rod Lucas BSJ Personalized Show

Host Rod Lucas will record a 1 hour special for your party and celebration and send via DropBox.
Personalized messages and Smooth Jazz.
Enjoy the Smooth Grooves as Rod presents your own personalized show
with some of your favourite smooth jazz tracks and his grooves too.

Tell us the event, Birthday, Anniversary etc. Pay on check out and send full details below.

Your 1 hour personalized show will be sent for your special occasion with host Rod Lucas.


$350 per hour

Please provide detail below

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