Broadpath Bhive Agreement

There is no communication between management and staff, which is most often left in the dark, for lack of support, system problems on a daily basis, the bhive camera is intrusive, they look all the time in front of the camera and everything you do on your computer makes no sense, we all work from home for a reason and we are adults, we felt like a child working here constantly monitored and reprimanded. You hear all your calls. Don`t ask me how they have time to do this. You have to do several tasks. I thought I would be hired for the sale, willing to do several jobs that were not explained to me by the recruiter. We are monitored and listened to by the bhive camera all day long. Medical care is provided after the first 12-month measurement period. Eligibility is determined when the associate staff member meets the criteria that must be considered full-time equivalent under the Affordable Care Act. Fix systems, don`t hire more than a thousand ppl at a time, if systems and tops can`t do it, pay ppl the same way because we do the same job, and don`t hire anyone in overtime and don`t train them on the project first, and contact your employees if they need help instead of just stopping them and moving on to the next one. To have someone watching you on camera. Not necessarily. Once a project is completed, we work to ensure that reputable employees (performance, presence, etc.) are placed as quickly as possible on the next available project.

It is in everyone`s interest to maintain strong employees at work! It`s a win-win! Due to system failures and the lack of information such as my username and passwords, I have never had the opportunity to resume or start my final production plan. And role-playing games are useless if you can`t open anything in the systems to see the information that should be displayed. Finally, if we don`t get into the learning portal, why haven`t you ever done it to learn you let me go over something stupid and misinterpreted by the customer and then wouldn`t allow me to join another client or an additional team, BroadPath has a wide range of corporate positions that require specialized experience in their respective services. Please read our “basic qualifications” on our employment advice to make sure you meet the qualification requirements. Working from home is an inslessness in itself and the fact that its medical link something I went to school and has a degree to give me the impression that there is no complete waste. Getting paid every week is great for me the superiors are largely very useful in chats, the webinars were overall fun, I enjoyed our little conversations and conferences We are so happy that you are happy and dedicated to loving what you do and with whom you can work make a difference. Thank you for being a valued member of the BP family! Love my time Working Love for Dominion Training is great Bhive`s flexibility home work My training support was tempted to get IT to repair someone`s equipment and instead of doing their job, they sent their slides so they could fix it. Flexibility is an asset when you work from home! Thank you for your comments. We use our Bhive platform to promote cooperation and engagement and enable our employees to connect in a virtual world. Thank you for being part of our team! Do you want #workfromhome now? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.