Simple Exclusivity Agreement

During the exclusivity period, the seller will not request, sell or advertise to other parties under this exclusivity agreement. Non-payment is an offence. A reserves the right to terminate the exclusivity contract. In the event of termination, B remains responsible for all funds due. A also has the right to take legal action to recover the royalties earned. Any infringement within this period results in legal action and termination of this exclusivity agreement. Both parties acknowledge, during the duration of this agreement, that they are informed of certain information relating to the activities of the other party considered confidential. The exclusive distribution agreement will be concluded from , and between csen international ltd. (hereafter referred to as “developer”), a company with its offices in Jerusalem, Israel, under the laws of… PandaTip: The delivery part of this exclusive contract model will describe all delivery times as well as all shipping costs and responsibilities. The following property is offered by the Seller for the duration of this Contract: (Multiline Text Field) If a provision of this Contract is deemed unenforceable or invalid, all other provisions will remain in effect. Both parties are entitled to enter into an agreement and replace the invalid provision with an enforceable clause. In addition, the purchaser undertakes to acquire the product for the duration of the contract, taking into account the terms of this exclusivity agreement.

The seller agrees that a timely delivery is necessary to support the buyer`s activities and also agrees to begin shipping all products requested under this exclusivity contract within 5 days of receiving the order. This agreement can only be amended or amended by a written agreement reached and executed by both parties. The parties agree that during this exclusivity agreement and a one-year period to terminate or conclude this agreement, the contracting parties refrain from any comment or statement, written or oral, that could denigrate or damage the image of the other party or damage the image of the other party. Any disputes or controversies that may arise from the duration of this exclusivity agreement are settled through arbitration proceedings with [Arbitrator.Name], as agreed between the parties. If this contract is terminated, all means remain due. In addition, the seller is allowed to seek remedies for the costs due. PandaTip: An exclusive agreement gives you the exclusive right to sell products or services to another organization. In most cases, the seller offers certain guarantees or discounts in return for these exclusive rights.

The properties listed below are offered by A for the duration of the terms of this contract: this exclusive agreement (known as “agreement”) is concluded and concluded on [DATE] between [SELLER] (hereafter referred to as “A”) and [BUYER] (hereafter referred to as “B”). The parties agree that no part of this agreement can be transferred, sold or disclosed to third parties without prior authorization. PandaTip: This section of the proposal prevents any party from assigning its rights and obligations to another party without prior authorization, in accordance with the terms of this agreement. This document allows parties to enter important credentials. B whether they are individuals or companies, their addresses and contact information.